Keeping Rabbits Out of Garden: Tips & Tricks!

Gone are the days of bunnies treating your garden as their personal, free buffet. That’s right – the free lunches are over! We’ve discovered the ultimate solution to a problem that troubles nearly every gardener. In our latest trending article, we’ll disclose essential tips for keeping rabbits out of garden.

We’ve jotted down a list of tips and tricks, from installing fences to preparing homemade repellents. These tips will help you to safeguard your backyard from these furry rabbits.

Let’s get started to learn how to keep rabbits out of garden!🥕🐰🐇🌱

7 Tips for Keeping Rabbits Out of Garden!

1. Fencing to Keep Rabbits Out of Garden

Installing fencing, electric fencing, or netting around your plants. Or, garden beds will help you to prevent rabbits from entering your garden area. Before purchasing a fence, you need to check the material and see whether it is ideal for your requirements or not. For added security, the fence should extend underground, to deter burrowing. For instance, coated fences, such as PVC-coated poultry netting, can blend with the garden while providing the necessary barrier.

install fencing to keep rabbits out of garden
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Note: To prevent rabbits from burrowing, you need to install a fence at least 6 inches below the ground.

2. You Can Plant Rabbit-Deterrent Herbs

Another best way to keep rabbits out of garden is by planting rabbit-deterrent herbs in your home garden. If you plant herbs such as mint, rosemary, bee balm, or thyme in your home garden will help you out in many ways. For instance, these herbs are not only good for cooking dishes but, also play as natural repellents due to their strong odor, which rabbits don’t like and will avoid coming into your garden.

Furthermore, if you strategically plant these herbs and shrubs, it will create barriers to keep rabbits out of garden. In this way, you can protect your home garden and maintain a beautiful space.

3. Use Home Remedies

Ah! Home remedies never go outdated, and always provide the best solutions to your problems. Don’t believe it? Well, you can try some home remedies methods to keep rabbits out of a garden naturally, without facing any hustles. It will create kind of barriers for rabbits to keep away from your home garden.

plant rosemary or use essential oil to keep away rabbit from your home garden
Credit:Angel Simon

One of the simple tricks is to prepare a mixture of crushed red pepper, Tobasco sauce, garlic, gloves, and raw eggs. Followed by diluting this mixture with water or liquid soap, then you need to just apply or spray it around your plants or garden beds. It will surely help you to keep rabbits out of the garden. You can also use rosemary, or its essential oil because it has a strong smell, which rabbits don’t like.

Note: While preparing spray, avoid using ingredients like vinegar and ammonia, because these are toxic for plants, and can damage their roots.

4. You Can Use Plastic Forks

During our research, we found one of the unique ways, i.e., using plastic forks to keep rabbits out of your garden. Many garden experts also recommend trying this trick. In this, you just need to place plastic forks around garden beds, flower pots, plants, vegetable beds, etc… In short, you need to create a barrier for the rabbits, which will not allow them to enter your plantation area, or go near to your plants.

use plastic forks to prevent rabbit from entering garden

The prongs of the forks will cause discomfort to rabbits’ paws, due to which they will not try to go further. This will automatically let them step back from entering your garden. Apart from rabbits, even other animals will also not enter your garden, and you can easily enjoy a cozy home garden vibe.

5. Spill Coffee Grounds

Tired of keeping an eye on rabbits? Want to get rid of them from your home garden? No worry, we have a solution. Start using coffee grounds, yes you heard it right. Sprinkle coffee grounds around your plants, vegetables, or fruit crops/gardening beds. It has a strong smell/odor, which helps to keep rabbits away from the garden. Not only rabbits, but, also help to keep slugs, snails, and beetles away from your plants.

Furthermore, if you are parenting cats, then this method will help you to stop them from ruining your garden/backyard area. There will be no buffet party for rabbits and cats, and no litter issues will be there in your garden.

6. Apply Rabbit Repellents

One of the ways to keep rabbits out of garden is by using rabbit repellents. There are many chemical repellents available in the market, you can easily get one. All you need to do is apply repellents to those trees, bushes, plants, and vegetables, that rabbits are keen on ingesting. Once you apply those chemical repellents, rabbits will avoid coming to those zones because of their strong smell, and it’s dangerous for their health.

apply rabbit repellents
Credit:Nicole Glass Photography

But, you need to keep one thing in mind, if repellents are dangerous for rabbits, then so it is for human consumption. Because after applying those chemicals, you will not be able to enjoy the vegetables, and fruits, as it will become inedible. So, we recommend you to read the label first, and then only select the repellents.

Well, deer repellent might work well for repelling rabbits.

7. Contact Professionals for Keeping Rabbits Out of the Garden

Last but not least, you can seek professional help for keeping rabbits out of the garden. It is a wise decision, especially, when you have tried the best possible ways/tricks to keep rabbits out of the garden. They know how to set traps for the rabbits, without harming them. Plus, professionals also offer services like wildlife management service where they easily relocate the rabbits, and prevent them from entering into your garden.

Note: Remember, to always go for ethical ways, and ensure methods professionals are using are safe for the rabbits.

What Attracts Rabbits to Gardens?

So, far, you have learned how to keep rabbits out of garden. But, there are still a few questions, that need to be resolved, i.e., Why do you see so many rabbits in your home garden? What attracts rabbits to your garden? In the following paragraph, you will get your answers.

Well, there are many reasons why rabbits are attracted to your home garden. For instance, your garden might have a collection of rabbit’s favorite foods, like, lettuce, carrots, black peppers, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, fennel, etc… In addition, bunnies also love berry bushes, ornamental flowers, and shrubs. So, if your yard has one, this might be one of the reasons rabbits keep coming back to your home garden.

rabbits love flowers to eat

Furthermore, rabbits love open space, and the garden is one of the best spaces for their nesting space. Especially, if your plants are easily accessible, and no barriers, or electric fences, are there to protect your garden. It makes it easy for rabbits to easily come and go, and eat your vegetables, and plant collections.


What is the cheapest way to keep rabbits out of your garden?

One of the cheapest ways to deter rabbits is by using strong odor ingredients. Such as dilute water of garlic, peppers, soap, ginger, and mint. These will help to keep rabbits away from your yard.

Will coffee grounds keep rabbits out of garden?

Oh! Yes, sprinkling coffee grounds on your home garden surface, or around plants will help you to get rid of rabbit issues. This is because coffee grounds contain a strong smell, which rabbits don’t like, so they will avoid going to the area sprinkled with coffee grounds.

Do rabbits carry diseases?

Yes, rabbits do carry diseases, and there are changes that those diseases can transmit to humans and other animals. For instance, Tularemia, E. Cuniculi, Salmonella, etc…. So, it’s important to take basic precautions while handling rabbits, especially when you’re parenting them.

Are rabbits afraid of scarecrows?

Well, it has been observed that rabbits are not afraid of scarecrows, faux owls, snakes, etc… They might get caution for the first time, but this trick will not work well. To deter rabbits, you need to go for the strong smell, and scary sounds, which detect danger to them.

Do marigolds keep rabbits away?

Marigolds are indeed considered natural rabbit-repellent, but, not all the types of marigolds repel rabbits. Bunnies won’t like the strong scent of marigolds like Taishon’s, so they won’t go around there. If you wish to keep your garden protected from rabbits, you can plant this marigold type as a natural deterrent to rabbits.

Do rabbits eat lavender?

The short answer is yes, rabbits eat lavender, which is not toxic if ingested in moderation. Lavenders stem, leaves, or flowers are all safe for your rabbit to ingest. However, it has also been observed that not all rabbits like lavender’s strong smell.

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